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Learned Friend now offers a service providing up to date reviews of clinical negligence liability case law: the Clinical Negligence Cases Review of 2016 and Quarterly Reports in 2017. If you subscribe to the Quarterly Reports you will receive the 2016 Review for free.


Here is an extract from the 2016 Review

Shoulder dystocia is an obstetric emergency. The Courts have often had to grapple with the question of whether midwives and obstetricians who have managed to deliver a baby after encountering shoulder dystocia nevertheless acted negligently and, by doing so, caused obstetric brachial plexus injury, otherwise known as Erb’s palsy. There have been a number of judgments in recent years and a trend has developed which is largely unfavourable to claimants. This continued with the judgment in Watts v Sec of State[1], HHJ Peter Hughes QC, sitting as a deputy High Court Judge, holding that the claimant’s injured shoulder had been posterior at delivery and that the injury was caused by “maternal propulsion in what was an extremely rapid delivery after labour had been induced, and not caused by excessive traction”.

[1] Watts v Sec of State [2016] EWHC 2835 (QB)

The author is Nigel Poole QC who specialises in clinical negligence litigation.
Chambers UK Guide to the Bar wrote that Nigel is:
“Widely regarded as a hugely important clinical negligence expert with tremendous client handling and advocacy skills.” 

The contents of these materials are for educational and training purposes and do not constitute legal advice, let alone advice tailored to specific cases. Therefore no reliance should be placed on them for the purposes of any particular litigation.

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Clinical Negligence Cases Review 2016

A look at the key clinical negligence liability judgments in 2016. With sections on material contribution, means of proof, consent, the scope of the duty of care and expert evidence, this review covers cases such as Williams v Bermuda and Sido John v Central Manchester, Hague and Rich v Dalzell and Fish and Crossman v St George’s Healthcare. Judgments are put into context with commentary on their implications for future cases.
This Review will prove interesting and useful for all legal practitioners, expert witnesses, clinicians and others who may find themselves involved in clinical negligence litigation.
Author Nigel Poole QC
Cost £10
11,000 words
41 pages


Clinical Negligence Cases Quarterly Report 2017

A report on the most important clinical negligence liability judgments in the High Court and Court of Appeal produced every quarter. The report for January to March 2017 will be delivered to you in April, the April to June report in July, the July to September report in October and the final quarterly report will be delivered in January 2017. If you subscribe to the quarterly report for 2017 you will also receive the Clinical Negligence Cases Review 2016 for free.

Author Nigel Poole QC
Cost £50

4 publications for 2017


Material Contribution in Clinical Negligence 

A detailed paper by Nigel Poole QC examining the developments in the application of the material contribution approach in clinical negligence cases since Bailey v MOD, including recent case law including Williams v Bermuda Hospital Board. This is a paper aimed at lawyers and law students.

Author Nigel Poole QC
Cost £5
Published January 2017

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