Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Learned Friend Videos

Learned Friend has produced a series of films to help those who have little or no experience of the civil justice system.

Learned Friend Helps With .....

Click to view:Introductory Video 

These videos are presented by Nigel Poole QC. Nigel has specialised in clinical negligence and healthcare law for over 25 years. He was appointed a QC in 2012. Chambers UK Guide to the Bar says Nigel is:

"Widely regarded as a hugely important clinical negligence expert with tremendous client handling and advocacy skills."

You can view these films for free and as many times as you wish. Just click to view each film below or visit the Learned Friend You Tube Channel

1. Learned Friend Helps With An Introduction to Bringing a Clinical Negligence Claim

What to expect when you bring a clinical negligence claim. This video will describe what you have to prove when you bring a claim, what evidence is needed, and all the steps that will be taken up to and including trial.
If you are contemplating bringing a claim, or are already involved in litigation, this video should help you.

Click to View: Bringing a Clinical Negligence Claim

2. Learned Friend Helps With Advocacy at Inquests

It is increasingly difficult for bereaved families to secure legal representation at Coroners Inquests. This video provides some practical advice on how to prepare and some tips on effective advocacy: how to ask questions and what submissions you can make.
The focus is on Inquests concerning the deaths of patients.
This video should help to give you some guidance and confidence when approaching the difficult task of representing your family at an Inquest.

Click to view: Advocacy At Inquests

3. Learned Friend Helps With Cosmetic Surgery - Knowing Your Rights

When contemplating cosmetic surgery you need to understand your rights. What are the terms of the contract you are entering? What are the rules about obtaining your consent? And what is your entitlement to compensation if something goes wrong?

Click to view: Cosmetic Surgery

4. Learned Friend Helps with Claims for Delay in Diagnosing Cancer

Some of the most difficult clinical negligence claims to prove are those arising out of a delay in diagnosing cancer. This video provides an introduction to the issues in such claims and the evidence that will be needed to prove your case.

Click to view: Delay in Diagnosing Cancer

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