Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top Ten Fictional Advocates

The courtroom can sometimes be a theatre, sometimes a morgue. I was inspired by Crown Court and Rumpole to become a barrister. Here is my personal top ten list of inspirational fictional trial advocates - an eclectic bunch just like in real life. I am not sure I would want all of them to represent me. One finctional character I would certainly wish to represent me would be"Davis",  Henry Fonda's character in Twelve Angry Men; but whilst he would have made a great trial lawyer, he was playing a jury member. Sorry Paul Newman (the Verdict), William Shatner (Boston Legal) and Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) but you did not quite make it.

1. Horace Rumpole: fearless, independent, hilarious and just.

2. Atticus Finch: humane, unstinting and right.

3. Crown Court (this is Richard Wilson playing Jeremy Parsons QC) - no particular barrister but what a series! Intelligent, realistic and gripping.

4. Edward Marshall-Hall (I know he was real!) as played by Jonathan Hyde - courageous, charismatic and fabulous.

5. Alan Shore (Boston Legal) - ridiculous, flawed, genius.

6. Phyllida Trant (Rumpole) - smooth, sophisticated, astute - the real deal.

7. Perry Mason: you cannot take your eyes of him in court. A great cross-examiner.

8. William Garrow (I also know he was real) as played by Andrew Buchan - a canny advocate, pioneering, and inspiring.

 9. Martha Costello (Silk) - modern, committed, brave.

10. Vincent Laguardia Gambini - irreverent, course and triumphant.

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  1. What, no Teddy Hoffman from 'Murder One'? Attorney, detective, and relentlessness pursuer of justice for an unpopular client.