Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Legal Typos

The following post was picked up and improved by Legal Cheek - it is worth looking at for the comments providing further typos.

Just thought I would share some legal typing errors harvested from a recent Friday's tweeting. I can only vouch for the authenticity of those which were in instructions to me, but I am sure the others are all true as well. Thanks to the tweeters named below.

"Our client suffered a Baloney amputation"

"The surgeons proceeded with a fan and steel incision"

"The defendant's offer is poultry" (Jeremy Roussak)

"Our client was taken into custardy" (Anna Symington)

"As a jester of goodwill..." (Daniel Taylor)

"The claimant can no longer carry out household tasks such as hovering". (Jasmine Murphy)

"The defendant is a pubic body" (MedNegLawyer)

"We return the document Julie signed" (Daniel Herman)

"The defendant believed he had inherited criminal jeans" (Christopher Hamerton)

"Re Estate of __________, diseased" (Lisa Boyce)

In Counsel's advice - "Having considered this case I am reasonably competent but unsure about certain issues." (Jason Cox)

"The defendant was admitted to basil with a condition of residence." (Gentleman Gardeners)

The claimant has difficulty with "widow cleaning" (John Bates)

"Was this a 2p transfer?" (Andrea Cohen)

Of course I shall keep quiet about all the typing errors I have made!

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